AEG 64800 Dishwasher User Manual

The lower basket
The lower basket is designed to take
saucepans, lids, plates, salad bowls,
cutlery etc.
Serving dishes and large lids should be
arranged around the edge of the
basket, ensuring that the upper spray
arm can turn freely.
The two rear rows of prongs on the lower
basket can be easily lowered to allow tou to
load pots, pans and bowls.
To lower the prongs:
1. Slightly pull them upward and let them
drop down (see picture).
2. To bring them back to the standing
position, just pull them up again.
Long bladed knives stored in an
upright position are a potentail
hazard. These items should only be
placed in the removable knife
basket. Take care when loading or
unloading sharp items such as
Removable knife basket
Long and/or sharp items of cutlery such as
carving knives must be placed horizontally
in the removable knife basket, which is
positioned at the left of the upper basket.
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