AEG 64800 Dishwasher User Manual

4. Door handle
5. Digital display
6. "Small load" pushbutton
This is very useful and economical when only a few dishes need
Remember to load the crockery into both baskets. The indicator light
corresponding to this option will come on when selected.
7. Programme phase indicator lights
As soon as you select a washing programme, this illuminates all the
phases the programme consists of.
As the programme progresses, the phase under way will illuminate. At
the end of the programme the phase indicator lights turn off.
Each phase is indicated with a symbol
Prewash/Rinse and Hold
8. Indicator lights
Illuminates when the salt has run out, to remind you to refill the
salt container.
Rinse aid
Illuminates when the rinse aid has run out, to remind you to refill
the rinse aid dispenser.
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