Amana W10212195A Dishwasher User Manual

7. Reinstall the top sound barrier strip by sliding the strip onto
the top of the dishwasher door.
Install Dishwasher
1. Check that the utilities are installed correctly and in the correct
2. Grasp the sides of the dishwasher door panel and move the
dishwasher close to the cabinet opening.
NOTE: Do not push on the front of the door panel or on the
console to avoid damage to the dishwasher.
3. Check that utilities are taped to the floor in the correct
4. Check that the water line is on the left-hand side of the
cabinet opening.
5. For power supply cord installations—route the power supply
cord through the cutout in the cabinet.
6. Move the dishwasher completely into the cabinet opening.
NOTE: Do not kink or pinch the water line, drain hose, power
supply cord or direct wire between the dishwasher and the
7. Remove the cardboard from underneath the dishwasher.
If the dishwasher fits tightly into the cabinet opening, do not
remove the insulation blanket. The blanket reduces the sound
If using the power supply cord, check that the cord is routed
through the hole in the cutout before sliding the dishwasher
into the cabinet opening.
8. Align the front of the dishwasher with the front of the cabinet
doors. You may need to adjust the alignment to be even with
the cabinets.
9. Check that the leveling legs are firmly against the floor.
10. Close and latch the door, and place the level against the front
11. Check that the dishwasher is centered from front to back in
the opening. If needed, adjust the leveling leg until the
dishwasher is plumb.
A. Water line
B. Direct wire connection only