APW Wyott DS1A Electric Steamer User Manual

Models: DS-1A 120V DS-1A 240V DS-1A 230VCE DS-1AP 120V
Designed Smart
Built Solid
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Mr. Frank
Hot Dog Display Steamer
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Rev. 5/22/2005
Model: DS-1A Hot Dog Display Steamer
Built to Last
• Cabinet is constructed of stainless steel for maximum durability.
• Display window is made of tempered glass.
Reliability backed by APW Wyott’s Warranty
• All APW Wyott hot dog equipment is backed by a 1-year
limited warranty and a 1-year on-site labor warranty.
• Certified by the following agencies:
See reverse side for product specifications.
Leader in “Hot and Fresh” Food Equipment!
APW Wyott has a wide variety of "Hot and Fresh" Food
equipment and the best supporting elements in refrigerated
or heated dispensers, pumps and condiment stations.
The Mr. Frank Hot Dog Display Steamer, when combined
with the Condiment Serving Station, is unmatched in building
impulse sales and "Hot and Fresh" Food profits (see profit
Mr. Frank Hot Dog Steamer features eye-catching hot dog
graphics with the new “Hot and Fresh” theme.
Designed to Deliver Great Tasting Hot Dogs!
Heating system can cook hot dogs in less than 20 minutes
and holds them at NSF safe temperatures for serving
• Steamer holds 150 hot dogs and 60 buns.
• Divided steaming pan allows control of steam levels for hot
dogs vs. buns.
Easy to Operate and Maintain!
• Steamer heats quickly and has a fast recovery for unexpected
surges in hot dog demand.
• Steamer is designed to require minimal labor: Operator can
easily access hot dogs and buns through rear doors that
open wide.
• Stainless steel interiors and exteriors are easy to clean.
• Steamer has built-in “easy to remove” drip tray for easy cleaning.
• Back drain valve provided to remove excess water in steam
Serving Station
Serving Station
Includes two 1-gallon
end wells with pumps
and a non-refrigerated
section of containers.
Includes four removable,
hinged cover pans.
Totally refrigerated.