Blodgett 30060SB Freezer User Manual

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Unit capacity
Model 30036SB 2 pans
Model 30048SB 4 pans
Model 30060SB 4 pans
Model 30072SB 8 pans
Model 30084SB 8 pans
Model 30096SB 10 pans
Model 30108SB 12 pans
Model 30120SB 12 pans
Drawer capacity
Each 18” drawer holds one pan front to back
Each 27” wide drawer holds two pans front to back
Each 31” wide drawer holds two pans side by side
Self closing heavy duty drawers slide on stainless steel rollers
Drawers hold standard sized (12” x 20” x 4”) pans - not included
CFC-free refrigeration system ahs an expansion valve for rapid temperature
Foamed-in-place CFC-free polyurethane insulation provides highest insulation
factor available
Self-closing drawers have easy-to-grasp handles
Rubber magnetic door gaskets provide a positive seal and easy cleaning
Stainless steel top, front, sides, back, drawers and interior cavity
6” adjustable stainless steel legs
Interior corners are coved for easy cleaning
Condensate evaporator
Adjustable thermostat with external dial thermometer
Mullion coils are coated to resist corrosion and provide maximum air flow for
even cooling
Operates on 120 volt, single phase, 50/60 Hz AC power
Warranty: two year parts and labor from date of purchase
Cool pan drop ins
Casters (in lieu of legs)
Open frame base with caster
SB Series-Freezer
Freezer Base with Self-Contained
Item No.
Model 30036SB (36” wide with two 18” drawers)
Model 30048SB (48” wide with two 27” drawers)
Model 30060SB (60” wide with two 31” drawers)
Model 30072SB (72” wide with four 27” drawers)
Model 30084SB (84” wide with four 31” drawers)
Model 30096SB (96” wide with two 18” drawers and four 27” drawers)
Model 30108SB (108” wide with six 27” drawers)
Model 30120SB (120” wide with two 18” drawers and four 27” drawers)
The Blodgett freezer bases support modular sectional range tops. They
keep food refrigerated until the moment it is ready to be cooked. Battery-
design assistance is available!
Model 30072SB