Cadco FS-10C Electric Steamer User Manual

Cadco Ltd.
Food Steamer
Cadco warrants that this Food Steamer be free from defects in material
and workmanship for a period of one year from date of purchase. (Warranty
provides repair of unit.) A copy of your original purchase receipt is required for
proof of purchase date. This warranty does not cover consequential damage
of any kind or damages resulting from accident, misuse, abuse, or external service
or repair attempts by unauthorized personnel. Inquiries concerning this warranty
and the use and maintenance of this unit should be directed to Cadco, Ltd.
Please note: This Food Steamer is a
carry-in service item; customer is
responsible for packaging the unit securely and returning it to Cadco* along
with a copy of your original dated purchase receipt, a description of the problem,
and your name, shipping address and phone number. Send to: Cadco, Ltd., Attn:
REPAIR, 145 Colebrook River Road, Winsted, CT 06098. If shipping the unit for
service, we recommend that you insure it for its original purchase price. Cadco
is not responsible for damage or loss of unit in transit to us or another service
Call Cadco at 860-738-2500 for Return Authorization Number BEFORE
returning any item to us for repair. Return Authorization Number MUST be
written on outside of carton to track the unit and avoid service delays.
Warranty covers repairing the unit and returning it to customer.
Warranty is applicable only in USA and Canada*. (*Canadian customers
contact Joicey Food Services, Ltd. in Ontario, Tel. (905) 825-9665.)
Use & Care Manual
Model FS-10C
7/15/2004 RV02
1,600 Watts / 13.4 amps / 120 Volts / 60 Hz / Single Phase
Date of Purchase: __________________________
Place of Purchase: ____________________________________________
To expedite all warranty claims please keep your dated sales receipt from
place of purchase.
Cadco, Ltd.
145 Colebrook River Road, Winsted, CT 06098
Fax 860-738-9772
steaming, depending on type of food, how much liquid it releases during
steaming, and starting liquid level in the water well. If this happens, reduce
temperature until liquid stops bubbling up into basket. Remember, food must
be kept at 145-160°F or higher for food safety; 70 is the lowest setting
for this.
11. Spilled food should be removed immediately from all exterior surfaces. See
cleaning instructions below
12. To switch the unit OFF, turn the temperature dial to 0. Unplug the unit from
the electrical socket to isolate the steamer from the electrical supply. Unplug
unit when not in use, when filling, and when cleaning.
1. For flavor variation, you may substitute beer, wine, or broth for the water
when steaming, or put seasonings in the water. Example: hot dogs or sausages
steamed with beer.
2. Steam cooking is not an exact science...Time for the water or other liquid to
start steaming varies based on a number of variables: temperature of the
liquid at start, quantity of liquid used, altitude of steaming location, etc.
1. Turn the temperature dial to 0 to switch the unit OFF. Unplug the unit from
the electrical socket to isolate the steamer from the electrical supply. Allow
the unit to cool.
2. The stainless steel steam basket and steam basket divider insert are
dishwasher safe.
3. The exterior of the unit is stainless steel. DO NOT USE ANY ABRASIVE
the unit and void the warranty.
4. Do not clean the unit with a high pressure jet spray.