Cleveland Range CR32-FFP Convection Oven User Manual

Installation Manual
Rotisserie Oven 2
About the Warranty
Protect Your Warranty Coverage
The Cleveland Range warranty reprinted in this
manual requires the rotisserie to be properly
installed, maintained, and operated.
If these responsibilities are not met, the Limited
and/or Extended Limited Warranty coverage may
be adversely affected.
Notes for the Installer:
Before you Begin
Understand Installation Requirements
Read this installation guide completely before
beginning installation. Follow all safety precautions
and instructions. Comply with all applicable
national, state and local codes.
This guide must be used together with your
professional experience and a thorough
understanding of the codes.
The instructions given in this guide are for qualified
trade professionals only: we do not include all the
procedures that are in the common domain of
licensed plumbers, pipefitters, electricians, and
experienced food service equipment installers.
The installation of this oven must conform with the
Basic Plumbing Code of the Building Officials and
Code Administrators International, Inc. (BOCA), the
National Fuel Gas Code, ANSI Z223.1 (latest
edition) or the Natural Gas Installation Code
CAN/CGA-B-149.1 or the Propane Installation Code
CAN/CGA-B-149.2 as applicable.
Save This Manual
Keep This Manual for Future Reference
Fill in the information at right and keep this manual
(along with a copy of the Operation Manual) in the
owner’s files.
Factors That May Void or Adversely Affect
Warranty Coverage
Several installation and operation factors have in
the past affected warranty coverage, most
commonly those listed below. Make sure these
factors are properly resolved before placing the unit
into operation.
Incorrect electrical and gas Supply
Equipment Not Properly Leveled
Inadequate Cooling and Ventilation
Inadequate Side and Back Clearances
The National Electrical Code, ANSI/NFPA No. 70
(latest edition) or the Canadian Electrical Code,
CSA C22.2 as applicable, the Food Service
Sanitation Manual of the Food and Drug
Administration (FDA) and all applicable state and
local codes and regulations.
Unpack, Inspect, and Store the Equipment Until
Ready to Install
After receiving each piece of Cleveland Range
equipment for the installation, the shipping carton(s)
should be inspected. If no damage is found or
suspected, the units should be stored in a dry, out-
of-the-way location, in their protective cartons, until
the site has been prepared for installation.
DO NOT Install Damaged Equipment
If shipping damage is discovered or suspected,
prepare a shipping damage claim:
Notify the delivery carrier.
Write down a damage description right
away, for use with claim forms later.
Arrange for the carrier representative to
examine the damage.
Fill out all appropriate claim forms; get
examining carrier’s signature and date.
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