CMA Dishmachines EAH/EC Dishwasher User Manual

Rev 1.00A
Installation & Operation
Model EAH / EC Dishwasher
Page 7
CMA dishwashers have been used worldwide for many years. This manual has been written to help you, the
operator, in your job.
The manual is divided into three sections. Sections A and B cover start-up and dish handling, and section C
covers troubleshooting.
Starting Instructions
Drain water if it is cold by lifting drain ball until all water is out of the machine.
Check drain screen and clean.
Replace it properly into the sump housing.
Check wash arm spray tips. If clogged, clean with toothpick and rinse at sink.
Check chemical lines to chemical containers
A. Red – detergent line
B. Blue – rinse agent line
C. Clear/White – sanitizer destainer line.
Press fill switch; fill until water is ½” lower than overflow on drain ball shaft or to the bottom of splash
Hold fill switch in until water level is proper and check temperature (should be approximately 140
degrees Fahrenheit; 60 degrees Celsius).
Insert tray of dishes into machine and close doors. Machine will automatically start when doors are
After the machine green cycle light turns off, raise doors, remove trays, and allow to dry before stacking.
If the doors are lifted during a wash cycle, the machine will automatically shut off.
The CMA dishmachine will complete the wash and rinse cycle and automatically feed the proper
chemical and turn itself off.