Continental Refrigerator DL1FX-SS Freezer User Manual

Utilizing Environmentally Safe, CFC-free R-404a Refrigerant
Standard Features
Modern, State-of-the-Art Styling Performance
Rated “Plug” Refrigeration System
3" Non-CFC Polyurethane Foam Insulation
Chrome-Plated Flow Line Handles
Cam-Action Lift-Off Hinges
Self-Closing Doors
Magnetic Snap-In Door Gasket
Cylinder Lock in Each Door
Automatic Hot Gas Condensate Evaporator
Adjustable 6" Stainless Steel Legs
Heavy-Duty, Epoxy-Coated Steel Shelves
External Digital Thermometer
Automatic Electric Defrost
Optional Features & Accessories
Half Door Pass-Thru
Remote Consult Factory
Hinged Glass Display Door
Standard (S/S Front, Aluminum Ends & Interior)
Suffix SA (S/S Exterior, Aluminum Interior)
Suffix SS (S/S Exterior & Interior)
Refrigeration System
A“performance rated” air cooled hermetically sealed,
capillary type refrigeration system is installed on the
top of each freezer. Plasticized fin coil and air circu-
lating fans are contained within a concealed “plug”
type insulated housing, readily accessible on the top
of the cabinet and separate from the food zone to
increase food storage capacity. The entire “plug” sys-
tem is fully charged with refrigerant and mounted on
a sturdy steel, rail-type base which can be easily
removed if refrigerator conversion is desired.
Freezers are designed to maintain 0 degrees
Fahrenheit (-18
Centigrade) while operating with an
unrestricted air supply in a maximum ambient tem-
perature of 100
Fahrenheit Automatic electric defrost
timer initiates defrost cycles at predetermined inter-
vals. All condensate water is evaporated by an auto-
matic, non-electric, corrosion-resistant condensate
evaporator. A strict quality-assurance team inspects
all materials and components to certify that each
model conforms to the most exacting standards. All
models are factory performance tested for a minimum
of 16 hours prior to crating.
Cabinet Construction
All materials are of top quality, assembled to conform
with strict quality-assurance requirements. The cabi-
net front and doors are constructed of heavy-gauge
polished stainless steel for durability. All cabinet joints
and seams are sealed vapor tight. Case is of all
metal, welded construction and internally supported
and braced for a rigid unit construction. Cabinet
design eliminates overlapping panels with raw edges.
Cabinet body and doors are insulated with non-CFC,
foamed- in-place polyurethane foam with an average
thickness of 3 inches to ensure increased energy effi-
ciency. Full-length louvered air grille located above
the doors allows equal air circulation to the condens-
ing unit. Easily removable, low-wattage, anti-sweat
door heaters concealed by a non-metallic, non-con-
ductive, high-impact thermal breaker strip eliminate
condensate build up on the cabinet front. Automatic
interior lighting is controlled by door openings.
Cabinets are equipped with 6-inch adjustable stain-
less steel legs.
Shelves are designed for heavy-duty use with .306"
diameter frame and brace members and .140" diam-
eter fill wires spaced 3/4" apart. Shelves are welded
steel and epoxy-coated for a durable, long, rust-free
service life. Adjustments are in
2" increments and a
wide door opening allows the use of a variety of
optional pan and tray slide types.
Door Construction
Door shells are constructed of heavy-gauge stainless
steel and are internally braced and urethane-foam-
insulated for rigidity. Door corners are of welded con-
struction and polished. Replaceable snap-in door
gaskets are self-adjusting, heavy-duty, magnetic type.
Door handles and hinges are chrome-plated and non-
corrosive. Doors are provided with built-in cylinder
locks which are keyed alike. Hinges are cam action,
lift-off type featuring positive safety stop at 120