Continental Refrigerator DL3FI-SS-E Freezer User Manual

Utilizing Environmentally Safe, CFC-free R-404A Refrigerant
Optional Features & Accessories
•Roll-Thru •Glass Door
•Remote •Consult Factory
Standard (S/S Front, Aluminum Ends & Interior)
Suffix SA (S/S Exterior, Aluminum Interior)
Suffix SS (S/S Exterior & Interior)
A “performance rated”, air-cooled hermetically sealed,
capillary type refrigeration system is installed on the top
of each freezer. Plasticized fin coil and air circulating
fans are contained within a concealed “plug” type insu-
lated housing, readily accessible on the top of the cabi-
net and separate from the food zone to increase food
storage capacity. The entire “plug” system is fully
charged with environmentally safe R-404A refrigerant
and mounted on a sturdy steel, rail type base, which can
be easily removed if refrigerator conversion is desired.
Freezers are designed to maintain 0° Fahrenheit (-18°
Centigrade) while operating with an unrestricted air sup-
ply in a maximum ambient temperature of 100°
Fahrenheit. Automatic electric defrost timer initiates
defrost cycles at predetermined intervals. All conden-
sate water is evaporated by an automatic, non-electric,
corrosion-resistant condensate evaporator. A strict
quality-assurance team inspects all materials and com-
ponents to the most exacting standards. All models are
factory performance-tested for a minimum of 16 hours
prior to crating.
All materials are of top quality, and are assem-
bled under rigid supervision conforming to strict
quality assurance requirements. The cabinet
front, doors, and interior bottoms, are con-
structed of heavy gauge polished stainless
steel for durability. All cabinet joints and seams
are sealed vapor tight. Case is of all metal
welded construction and is internally supported
and braced for rigid unit construction. Cabinet
design eliminates overlapping panels with raw
edges. Cabinet body and doors are insulated
with non-CFC, foamed in place polyurethane
foam with an average thickness of 3'' to ensure
increased energy efficiency. Full-length lou-
vered air grille located above the doors allows
equal air circulation to the condensing unit.
Easily removable, low-wattage, anti-sweat door
heaters concealed by a non-metallic, non-con-
ductive, high-impact thermal breaker strip elim-
inate condensate build up on the cabinet front.
Automatic interior lighting is controlled by door
openings. Cabinets are equipped with an eas-
ily removable stainless steel ramp and interior
rack guides.
Doors shells are constructed of a heavy
gauge stainless steel and are internally
braced and urethane foam insulated for
rigidity. Door corners are of welded con-
struction and polished. Replaceable
snap-in door gaskets are self-adjusting,
heavy-duty, magnetic type. Doors han-
dles and hinges are chrome-plated and
non-corrosive. Doors are provided with
built-in cylinder locks, which are keyed
alike. Hinges are cam action, lift-off type
featuring a positive safety stop at 120°.
Standard Features
•Modern, State-Of-The-Art Styling
•Performance Rated, “Plug” Refrigeration System
Utilizing Environmentally Safe R-404A
•3" High Density, Non-CFC Polyurethane Foam
•Chrome-Plated Flow Line Handles
•Cam-Action Lift-Off Hinges
•Cylinder Lock in Each Door
•Automatic Hot Gas Condensate Evaporator
/8" Wide, 72
/2" High Door Openings
•External Digital Thermometer
•Automatic Electric Defrost
•Removable Stainless Steel Rack Guides
•Magnetic Snap-In Door Gaskets
•Unique Air Flow Distribution Ducts Keep Pan
•Product at Uniformly Constant