Continental Refrigerator DLUCF48-SS Freezer User Manual

Utilizing Environmentally Safe, CFC-free R-404A Refrigerant
Standard Features
•Unique Field Assembled, Bottom Mounted Ventilation
•System Designed to Allow Cabinets to be Flush Against a Wall
or Built into a Counter to Conserve Space
•Modern State-of-the-Art Styling
•Performance Rated Refrigeration System Utilizing
Environmentally Safe R-404A Refrigerant
•Unique Airflow Distribution Keeps Product at Uniformly Constant
•Easily Serviceable Back Mounted Compressor
•2" Non-CFC Polyurethane Foam Insulation
•Spring Loaded, Self-Closing Door
•Magnetic Snap-In Gasket
" Casters
•Heavy-Duty, Epoxy-Coated Steel Shelves
•Interior Hanging Thermometer
•Cabinet Construction Consisting of Stainless Steel Exterior &
•Non-Corrosive, Plasticized Fin Evaporator Coil Completely
Enclosed, Vented & Removable Case Back
•Automatic, Energy Saving, Non-Electric Condensate Disposal
•Field Rehingeable doors
•Meets ADA Height Requirements
•Automatic Electric Defrost
•10ft. Cord & Plug Attached
Models Available
Optional Features & Accessories
•Remote Models - R •Electric Condensate
•Additional Shelves •Single Overshelf
•Door Locks •Double Overshelf
The self-contained refrigeration system is rear mounted, con-
cealed behind a removable louvered cover. Full-length front
air grille allows for even air circulation to condensing unit. A
"Performance Rated", air-cooled, hermetically sealed, capillary
type refrigeration system is installed in each model.
Plasticized finned coil and air circulating fans are contained
within an easily accessible rear mounted housing. Our unique
airflow design allows the cabinet to be enclosed on both sides
or to be mounted flush against a wall. Our refrigeration sys-
tem, fully charged with R-404Arefrigerant, is designed to main-
tain 0° Fahrenheit while operating with an unrestricted air sup-
ply in an ambient temperature of 100° Fahrenheit. All conden-
sate water is directed to a non-electric condensate vaporizer
located in the compressor compartment, thus no plumbing is
required. Astrict quality assurance team inspects all materials
and components to certify that each model conforms to the
most exacting standards. All models are performance tested
for a minimum of 16 hours prior to crating.
All materials are of top quality and are assembled under
rigid supervision conforming to strict quality assurance
requirements. Case is of all metal welded construction
and is internally supported and braced for rigid unit con-
struction. Exterior cabinet back and bottom are heavy
gauge galvanized steel.
Cabinet design eliminates overlapping panels with raw
edges. Interior corners are rounded with a
/4" radius for
cleaning ease. All cabinet joints and seams are vapor-
tight sealed. An easily removable anti-sweat door
heater, concealed by a non-metallic, non-conductive,
high impact thermal breaker strip, eliminates condensa-
tion build-up on case front.
All cabinet walls, top, and bottom have high density,
foamed-in-place, non-CFC polyurethane insulation.
Shelves are designed for heavy-duty use with
.306" diameter frame and brace members and
.140" diameter fill wires spaced
/4" apart.
Shelves are welded steel and epoxy-coated for
a durable, long, rust-free service life.
Door shells are constructed of heavy-gauge
stainless steel and are internally braced and
urethane-foam-insulated for rigidity. Door cor-
ners are of welded construction and polished.
Replaceable snap-in door gaskets are self
adjusting, heavy-duty, magnetic type. Door
handles and hinges are chrome-plated and
non-corrosive. Hinges are spring loaded,
heavy duty, self-closing.