Creda C161E Cooktop User Manual

Grill Pan and Handle
Grill pan handle The grill pan handle is detachable from the pan, to facilitate
cleaning and storage.
The handle can be either detachable from or fixed to the pan.
For a fixed handle remove the screw and washers from the grill pan
bracket,tilt the handle over the recess adjacent to the bracket (A),slide it
towards the centre of the pan (B) and let the handle locate over the
bracket (C).Replace screw and washers and ensure that they are fully
tightened up.For a detachable handle remove screw and washers from
the grill pan and keep safe.
Please note that if a fixed handle is required, the grill pan cannot
be kept in the Fan Oven with the door closed but may be stored in
the Top Oven when the appliance is not in use.
Warning: Ensure when using grill pan handle in the detachable
manner it is centralised and secure.
1. Only use grill pan supplied.
2. Never attempt to remove the Easy Glide™ Shelf with the grill pan in
3. Always withdraw the Easy Glide™ Shelf to its stop position before
removing the grill pan (to avoid damaging the grill).
Easy Glide™