Creda CRC65 Ventilation Hood User Manual

Caring for your Cooker Hood
For your own safety and in the interest of
hygiene your Cooker Hood needs to be kept
clean. A build up of grease or fat from
cooking could cause a fire hazard.
Never use excessive amounts of water when
cleaning,particularly around the control panel
The metal casing and grille assembly should
be cleaned at least once a month to keep it
looking like new. Wipe over with a soft cloth,
wrung out in warm water and dry with a clean
soft cloth. Wear protective gloves.
You can use mild non-abrasive cleaners but
always read the manufacturer’s instructions
first. Always test their suitability on a small
area of the Cooker Hood not noticeable in
normal use.
NOTE:DO NOT use scouring pads or
abrasive cleaners as they may scratch the
How to replace the light:
Should the light fail to work,switch ‘Off’the
mains supply to the Hood.
First,remove the grease filters.
Remove the lamp cover and first check the
bulb is screwed securely into the lamp holder
then switch ‘On’ at the mains supply.
If the light still fails to work do not worry,it
will not affect the working of your hood.
Obtain a replacement 40 Watt max (E14).
Switch ‘Off’the mains supply. Unscrew the old
bulb anti-clockwise to remove and replace
with the new bulb turning clockwise until
Refit the lamp cover nd the grease filters and
switch back ‘On’at the mains supply.
NOTE: When changing the bulb,an
identical replacement must be fitted to
ensure the safe operation of the hood.