Creda CRC65 Ventilation Hood User Manual

Installing your Cooker Hood
Fitting the Chimney Stack:
To fit the upper chimney section,first expand
the chimnet slightly to allow it to be fitted
over the wall brackets. Then secure the upper
section using the four self tapping screws
The lower chimney section should be located
following instructions on page 6,ensuring
that the lugs in the base of the chimney are
seated into the two recesses on either side of
the canopy (Fig.5).
ATTENTION: Should the lower chimney
section subsequently be removed,the two
securing lugs in the top canopy must be
Once the chimney stack has been installed,fit
the two venting grilles into the apertures
located on either side of the lower chimney
stack. The grilles are marked with two arrows
and should be fitted with one arrow pointing
upwards and the other towards the front.
When used in the recirculation mode,ensure
the grilles are properly secured to the
recirculation spigot.