Creda MBC70 Microwave Oven User Manual

Control Panels
(1) Display Window
(2) Time Pads
(3) Auto Weight Microwave
(4) Auto Weight Combination
(5) Auto Defrost Programmes
(6) Microwave Power Setting
(7) Grill Setting
(8) Convection Pad
(10) Combination Pad
(11) Delay/Stand Pad:
This can be used to delay a
cooking programme for up to 9
99 mins., or used to time or for
standing (non-cooking) time.
(12) Clock Pad:
Refer to page 15 for setting the
(13) Kg/g lb/oz Conversion Pad
(14) Weight Selection Pads
(15) Stop/Cancel Pad:
Before Cooking:
one press clears your instructions.
During Cooking:
one press temporarily stops the
cooking programme. Another
press cancels all your instructions
and the time of day will appear in
the display.
(16) Start Pad:
Press to start operating the oven.
If during cooking the door is
opened or Stop/Cancel Pad is
pressed once, Start Pad has to
be pressed again to continue
Bleep Sound:
Ableep sounds when a pad is pressed.
If this bleep does not sound, the setting
is incorrect. When the oven changes
from one function to another, two
bleeps sound. After completion of
cooking, five bleeps sound.