Creda MBC70 Microwave Oven User Manual

1 Check foods during
defrosting. Foods vary in
their defrosting speed.
2 It is not necessary to
cover the food.
3 Always turn or stir the
food especially when
the oven “bleeps’’. Shield if
necessary (see point 5).
4 Minced meat/chops/chicken
portions should be broken
up or separated as soon
as possible and placed in
a single layer.
5 Shielding prevents food
cooking. It is essential
when defrosting chickens
and joints of meat. The
outside thaws out first, so
protect wings/breast/fat
with smooth pieces of
aluminium foil secured with
cocktail sticks.
6 Allow standing time so
that the centre of the food
thaws out.
(minimum 1 hour for joints
of meat and whole
By selecting the DEFROST power level
from the microwave power pad, and
setting a time, you can defrost food in
your microwave. The biggest problem is
getting the inside defrosted before the
outside starts to cook.
For this reason the defrost programme
alternates between a defrost power and
a standing time. The name for this type
of defrost is cyclic and during the
standing stages there is no microwave
power in the oven, although the light will
remain on and the turntable will turn.
The automatic stand times ensure a
more even defrost but it is still
necessary to allow for standing time
before use. Place foods in a suitable
container. Meat joints and chickens
should be placed on an upturned saucer
or on a plastic rack if you have one.
Defrosting Guidelines
Turn dense foods and meat 2/3
times during defrosting.
Separate chops and small items
e.g. bread slices where possible.
Chickens and joints of meat will
require shielding during defrosting.
Break up small items e.g. minced
meat, frequently during defrosting.