Creda MBC70 Microwave Oven User Manual

Combination Cooking
Your oven has three methods of cooking by Combination.
1. Convection and Microwave 2. Grill and Microwave 3. FAST-BAKE and Microwave
Press Combination pad.
Select first cooking
Select microwave power.
Options available depend
on first cooking mode
Press if preheating.*
Set cooking time. 10 sec. pad
is inoperable.
Press Start pad.
The oven will automatically work on HIGH microwave power if a
cooking time is entered without the power level previously being
Take care to use oven gloves when removing dishes from the
oven - especially when turning or stirring foods as the oven walls
and roof will be very hot.
COMBINATION cooking is ideal for many
foods. The microwave power cooks them
quickly, whilst the oven, grill or both gives the
traditional browning and crispness.
All this happens simultaneously resulting in
most foods being cooked in
/3 of the
conventional cooking time.
There is no need to preheat on
COMBINATION programmes, EXCEPT when
cooking pastry and using a COMBINATION
programme of Grill and Microwave.
It is possible to use smooth seamed metal
tins and foil containers on COMBINATION but
they must be placed directly onto the metal
tray on the glass turntable. They must not be
placed directly onto the Low Rack, or arcing
will occur.
If you experience arcing, which is when you
see blue sparks or hear crackling noises, the
metal container is unsuitable or you have
insufficient food in the oven. You should stop
the programme immediately and change the
container or re-programme to CONVECTION
To cook successfully by COMBINATION you
should always use a minimum of 200 g (7oz)
food. Small quantities should be cooked by
Convection, Grill or FAST-BAKE
When placing food in the oven after preheating, just open the door
using the Door Release Pad, because if STOP/CANCEL Pad is
pressed the programme may be cancelled. Then, if the time was
entered, the oven would revert to cooking on microwave only.
When using any Combination cooking programme the Glass
Turntable should be in position and must have the Metal Tray
placed on top.
DO NOT use plastic MICROWAVE containers on Combination
Programmes (unless suitable for combination cooking). Dishes
must be able to withstand the heat of the top grill - heatproof glass
e.g. Pyrex® or ceramic are ideal. But do not put dishes on Grill
Accessory directly under the grill, use the Low Rack.