Creda MBC70 Microwave Oven User Manual

Welcome to Creda Microwave Cooking
Safety Information 2
Unpacking your oven 3
Care and Cleaning 4
Parts of your oven 5
Important Information 6-7
Microwaving Principles 8
General Guidelines 9-10
Containers to use 11-12
Control Panels 13
Operating Instructions 14-36
• Microwaving/defrosting 15-20
• Grilling 21-22
• Convection cooking 23-24
• FAST-BAKE cooking 25-26
• Combination Cooking 27-33
Auto Weight Programmes 34-36
Cooking and Reheating
Guidelines 37
Reheating Charts 38-42
Cooking Charts 43-50
Adapting Recipes 51
Soups and Starters 52-54
Fish 55-59
Meat and Poultry 60-68
Pasta, Rice & Beans 69-71
Cheese and Egg Dishes 72-74
Vegetables/Vegetarian 75-81
Sauces 82-83
Pastry 84-87
Desserts 88-91
Baking 92-96
Preserves 97-98
Bread 99
Sunday lunch 100
Index 102-104
Recycling & Disposal Information...
As part of Creda’s continued commitment to helping the environment, Creda
reserves the right to use quality recycled components to keep
down customer costs and minimise material wastage.
Please dispose of packaging and old appliances carefully.
To minimise risk of injury to children, remove the door, plug
and cut mains cable off flush with the appliance, dispose of
separately to ensure that the appliance can no longer be
plugged into a mains socket.
CE marking certifies that this appliance
conforms to the following EEC directives.
Low Voltage Equipment 72/23/EEC
Electromagnetic Compatibility 89/336/EEC and subsequent
Thank you for purchasing a Creda Microwave Oven.
Even if this is not your first microwave oven, do please read the opening
chapters of this cookbook to achieve perfect results every time.
This microwave oven has the benefit of Intelligent Wave Technology. This
unique technology has been in use with microwave ovens in Japan for many
years, improving the cooking performance of the oven. It also means that you
benefit from having more space inside your oven, without taking up more room
on your work surface.
Intelligent Wave Technology