Creda MBC70 Microwave Oven User Manual

Combination 1. Convection and Microwave
This is the most popular combination mode combining convection heat with microwave power. Casseroles, meat joints, jacket potatoes and
pastries are very successful using this combination. Unsuitable foods are those which contain whisked eggs, meringues, rich fruit cakes, biscuits
and yorkshire puddings.
It is not necessary to preheat except when cooking pastry dishes, when you will achieve a better result. Preheat oven to 210°C on Convection
before selecting a Combination programme.
• Press Combination Pad. Press to select oven temperature. The oven
starts at 150°C, and then for each press the
temperature will count up in 10°C stages to
250°C, then to 100°C, 110°C etc.
Press Micro Power Pad to select Microwave
setting. HIGH & DEFROST are not available.
• Press to enter required cooking time. 10 sec pad is inoperable. • Press Start Pad.
The oven will automatically
work on HIGH Microwave
Power if a cooking time is
entered without the power
level previously being
Non-metallic dishes or items of food can
be placed directly onto the Low Rack on
the Metal Tray on the Glass Turntable.
Small items should be placed in a
heatproof dish on the Low Rack.
Joints and portions of meat should be
placed on the Low Rack with Splash
Guard on the Metal Tray on the Glass
Recipes using foil or metal containers
e.g. cakes and pastries should be
placed directly onto the Metal Tray on
Glass Turntable.
When using Combination cooking the Glass Turntable should be in position and must have the Metal Tray on top.