Creda MBC70 Microwave Oven User Manual

8 boneless, skinless chicken thighs
30 ml (2 tbsp) wholegrain mustard
100 g (4 oz) Gruyère or cheddar cheese
8 slices of smoked streaky bacon
Cheesey Chicken & Bacon Rolls Serves 4
Dish: metal roasting tin Oven Accessory: glass turntable + metal tray + low rack
1. Spread the mustard over the rolled out chicken thighs and place a thin slice of cheese on
top. Roll up the thighs.
2. Stretch the bacon with the back of a knife and wrap tightly around each thigh. Secure with
cocktail sticks.
3. Place in the roasting tin and cook in a pre-heated oven on FAST-BAKE 220˚C + Grill 3 for
30-35 mins. or until thoroughly cooked and golden.
450 g (1lb) smoked haddock
30 ml (2 tbsp) lemon juice
2 hard boiled eggs, chopped
90 ml (6 tbsp) breadcrumbs
25 g (1 oz) butter
25 g (1 oz) plain flour
150 ml (
4 pt) milk
salt and pepper
1 box filo pastry
150 g (5 oz) butter, melted
Smoked Haddock Samosas Serves 4
Dish: Round baking tray Oven Accessory: glass turntable + metal tray
1. Place the fish and lemon juice in a shallow dish and cook on HIGH power for 4-5 mins. or on
Auto programme fish. Drain, skin and bone, then flake. Stir in the eggs and breadcrumbs.
2. Place the butter (25 g (1 oz)) in a jug and melt on HIGH power for 30-40 secs. Stir in the
flour and gradually add the milk. Cook on HIGH power for 1-2 mins. or until thickened. Stir
halfway, season and mix with fish. Cool.
3. Melt the 150 g (5 oz) butter on HIGH power for 1-2 mins. Brush a sheet of filo pastry with
melted butter. Fold in half lengthways and brush the top with butter. Place a small amount of
the filling at one end and fold into a triangle by folding diagonally. Repeat this with each
sheet of filo.
4. Place on a greased baking tray and brush with butter. Cook on Combination: Convection
220˚C + SIMMER power for 20-25 mins. or until golden.
Baked Stuffed Tomatoes Serves 4
Dish: Shallow heatproof dish Oven Accessory: glass turntable + metal tray + low rack
1. Slice the tops off the tomatoes. Deseed, scoop out the centre and discard.
2. Drain upside down on kitchen paper.
3. Place tomatoes right way up in heatproof dish.
4. Sprinkle inside with salt and pepper and dried basil.
5. Break in whole egg, and cover the top with slices of mozzarella cheese.
6. Cook in preheated oven on FAST-BAKE 190˚C + GRILL 2 for 20-25 mins. or until browned
on top.
4 beef tomatoes
3 ml (
2 tsp) dried basil
4 eggs
200 g (7 oz) mozzarella cheese