Creda MBC70 Microwave Oven User Manual

Meat and Poultry
If the meat has previously been frozen,
ensure it is properly thawed before cooking
by microwave. Defrosted joints of meat must
be allowed to STAND for a minimum of
30 mins. before cooking to ensure the
centre is fully defrosted.
Large amounts of fat absorb microwave
energy and can cause the meat next to it to
overcook. Always choose joints that aren’t
excessively fatty.
Meat and poultry require a minimum of
15 mins. STANDING TIME wrapped in
aluminium foil after cooking by microwave.
Roast meat is always easier to carve after
STANDING and the meat will continue to
cook during the STAND TIME.
Bone tips on legs of lamb and crown roasts
may need shielding when cooked by
microwave, to prevent overcooking.
Joints and poultry should be turned over
halfway through cooking.
Large joints may need shielding with pieces
of smooth aluminium foil after half the
cooking time to avoid overcooking on the
outside edges. Turkeys and large chickens
should have their breast meat, legs and
wings protected. Secure foil with cocktail
sticks and do not allow foil to touch the walls
of the oven.
How to roast a joint by Combination
Place the joint on Low Rack on Splash Guard
in Metal Tray and place on Glass Turntable.
Braised and stewed meat cooked in a microwave has a slightly firm texture and therefore it is essential to purchase good quality meats.
When cooking a casserole, place a saucer or small upturned plate over the meat to keep it submerged in the juices.
Crispy Bacon - place on a microwave safe rack (optional extra obtainable from cookware shops). Cover with a plain piece of kitchen towel to
minimise splatter. Cook on HIGH power for approx. 45 secs. per rasher, or until desired crispness is achieved.
How to roast a joint by microwave
To roast basic joints of meat place the joint
onto the rack of a microwave roasting set
and cover with a dome lid. Alternatively use
a large, shallow dish and place the joint on
an upturned saucer and cover with cling film.
Roasting bags are useful when split up one
side to tent a joint for roasting by power and
Do not use the metal twists supplied.
How to cook small cuts of meat by
Some cuts of meat can be cooked
successfully by microwave although due to
their short cooking times and no heat
source, they will not crisp and brown.
They should always be cooked on a
microwave rack to lift them out of their