Creda MBC70 Microwave Oven User Manual

1. Do not operate the oven without the Roller Ring and Glass
Turntable in place.
2. Only use the Glass Turntable specifically designed for this oven.
Do not substitute with any other Glass Turntable.
3. If Glass Turntable is hot, allow to cool before cleaning or placing
in water.
4. Do not cook directly on Glass Turntable. Always place food in a
microwave safe dish. The only exception to this is when cooking
Jacket Potatoes on microwave only.
5. If food or utensil on Glass Turntable touches oven walls, causing
the turntable to stop moving, it will automatically rotate in the
opposite direction. This is normal. Open oven door, reposition the
food and restart.
6. The Glass Turntable can rotate in either direction.
7. While cooking by MICROWAVE or COMBINATION, turntable may
vibrate. This will not affect cooking performance.
8. The metal accessories provided must ONLY be used as directed
for Grilling, Convection and Combination cooking. Never use
them on microwave only. Do not use if operating the oven with
less than 200g (7oz) of food on a manual Combination
9. Arcing may occur if the incorrect weight of food is used, a metal
container has been used incorrectly, or the accessories have
been damaged. If this occurs, stop the machine immediately. You
can continue to cook by GRILL OR CONVECTION ONLY.
10. Always refer to instructions for correct accessories to use on all
programmes. The glass turntable and roller ring are the only
accessories used for Microwave Cooking. For CONVECTION and
COMBINATION cooking the metal tray must ALWAYS be in place
on the glass turntable.
Parts of Your Oven
Glass Turntable
The glass turntable and roller ring are the only
accessories used for Microwave Cooking.
See-through Oven Window External Air Vents
Grill Accessory
Metal Tray
Low Rack
Splash Guard
Door Safety
Lock System
Control Panel
Identification Plate
Roller Ring
1. The Roller Ring and oven floor should be
cleaned frequently to prevent excessive
2. The Roller Ring must always be used
together with the Glass Turntable for
Door Release Pad
Push to open the door.
Opening the door during cooking will stop the
cooking process without cancelling the
programme. Cooking resumes as soon as the
door is closed and Start is pressed. The oven
light will turn on and stay on whenever the
door is opened.
Door Safety
Lock System
Grill Elements
Microwave Feed Guide