Creda MBC70 Microwave Oven User Manual

9. Meat Thermometer.
Use a meat thermometer to check the
degree of cooking of roasts and poultry
only when meat has been removed from
the microwave. If undercooked, return to
the oven and cook for a few more
minutes at the recommended power
level. Do not leave a conventional meat
thermometer in the oven when microwaving.
10. Paper, Plastic.
Carefully attend the appliance if paper,
plastic or other combustible materials are
used as containers or for covering. Do
not use wire twist-ties with roasting bags
as arcing will occur.
Do not use re-cycled paper products, e.g.
Kitchen roll unless they say they are specifically designed for use
in a microwave oven. These products contain impurities which
may cause sparks and/or fires when used.
11. Reheating.
It is essential that reheated food is
served “piping hot” and is reheated only
Remove the food from the oven and
check that it is “piping hot”, i.e. steam is
being emitted from all parts and any
sauce is bubbling. (If you wish you may
choose to check the food has reached
72˚C with a food thermometer – but remember do not use this
thermometer inside the microwave.)
For foods that cannot be stirred, e.g. lasagne, shepherds pie, the
centre should be cut with a knife to test it is well heated through.
Even if a manufacturer’s packet instructions have been followed
always check the food is piping hot before serving and if in doubt
return your food to the oven for further heating.
12. Standing Time.
Standing time refers to the period at the
end of cooking or reheating when food is
left before being eaten, i.e. it is a rest
time which allows the heat in the food to
continue to conduct to the centre, thus
eliminating cold spots.
13. Keeping Your Oven Clean.
It is essential for the safe operation of
the oven that it is wiped out regularly.
Use warm soapy water, squeeze the
cloth out well and use to remove any
grease or food from the interior. Pay
particular attention to the door seal area
and also the areas around the
microwave feed guide situated on the right hand side of the cavity
wall. The oven should be unplugged when cleaning.
14. Grilling.
The oven will only operate on the GRILL function with the door
15. Fan Motor Operation.
After using the microwave oven, the fan motor may operate to
cool the electric components. This is normal and you can take out
food even though the fan motor operates. You can continue using
the oven during this time.
16. Containers.
Before use check that utensils/containers are suitable for use in
microwave ovens.
17. Babies Bottles and Food Jars.
When reheating babies bottles always
remove top and teat. Liquid at the top of
the bottle will be much hotter than that
at the bottom and must be shaken
thoroughly before checking the
temperature. The lid must also be
removed from babies food jars, the
contents must also be stirred or shaken
before the temperature is checked.
18. Arcing
Arcing may occur if a metal container has been used incorrectly,
if the incorrect weight of food is used, or if the accessories have
been damaged. Arcing is when blue flashes of light are seen in
the microwave oven. If this occurs, stop the machine immediately.
If the oven is left unattended and this continues it can damage the
You can continue to cook by GRILL OR CONVECTION ONLY.
Important Information – Read Carefully