Cuisinart TCS-60 Convection Oven User Manual

Steaming Guide
Helpful Hints
• Times indicated are based upon use of fresh fruits, meats and seafood (frozen foods not recommended). Steaming times will vary according to size,
temperature and freshness of foods.
• Suggested times are simply a guide. The lowest time will provide a “crisp-tender” vegetable, whereas the highest time will produce a softer texture.
• The turbo-convection feature of the Cuisinart
TCS-60 eliminates the need to stir vegetables halfway through cooking time, which is necessary with
other steamers.
• Use tongs to remove food from the steamer.
• Beans cooked in the Cuisinart steamer cook evenly and do not break up as readily as those cooked on the stovetop.
Food Quantity/Yield Steaming Time Cook’s Notes
Soft cooked
Hard cooked
Black Beans
Great Northern
Kidney Beans
Up to 12 Grade A large eggs
Up to 12 Grade A large eggs
1 cup of dried beans + 2 to 2 1/2
cups liquid = approximately 3 cups
cooked beans.
• Use second steamer tray.
• Run hard cooked eggs under cold
water to stop cooking. Refrigerate
and cool completely before using.
• Soak dried legumes (except lentils)
overnight, drain, rinse & drain again.
• Spread drained beans evenly in rice
• Cover with water or unsalted stock;
add fresh herbs, garlic cloves, onion
or bay leaf.
• Do not add salt until beans are com-
pletely cooked (salt and acids inhibit
the softening of beans).
• After steaming, drain, rinse and drain
Dried Beans and Legumes
6 - 9 minutes
15 minutes
40 - 45 minutes
35 - 40 minutes
60 minutes
35 minutes
45 - 50 minutes
45 - 50 minutes
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