Dacor 65537 Dishwasher User Manual

Important Safety Instructions
Dacor Dishwasher
Important Safety Instructions
Safety is everyone’s responsibility. All Dacor appliances are designed and constructed to
give you many years of safe operation. Operation is further enhanced if proper care and
judgment are exercised in the use and maintenance of this appliance.
Symbols in this Manual
Alerts you to a hazardous situation, that if not avoided, may cause death or injury to you
or others. Property damage, including damage to the dishwasher, may also result.
Alerts you to a situation, that if not avoided, may cause property damage, including
damage to the dishwasher.
Tips that help you to get the most out of the dishwasher.
General Safety Precautions
Read all instructions before using the dishwasher.
Use and care for the dishwasher only as instructed
in this manual.
Keep this manual for future reference.
If you receive a damaged product, immediately
contact your dealer or builder. Do not install or use a
damaged appliance.
To avoid electrical shock, make sure that the
dishwasher has been properly installed and
grounded by a qualified installer according to the
accompanying installation instructions. The
dishwasher must be mounted in a completely
enclosed cabinet. Have the installer show you where
the fuse or junction box is located so that you know
where and how to turn off the power.
Do not repair or replace any part of the dishwasher
unless specifically recommended in the literature
accompanying it. A qualified service technician
should perform all other service.
Make sure individuals who use the dishwasher are
able to operate it properly.
Do not leave children alone or unattended in the
area around the dishwasher. Do not allow children
to play with the controls or other parts of the
Never allow anyone, including children, to sit or
stand on any part of the dishwasher. Stepping or
sitting on any part of it may result in tipping,
damage, and serious injury.
Many surfaces within the dishwasher achieve high
temperatures. Do not touch interior surfaces or
items inside the dishwasher during or immediately
after use. Exercise caution when opening the door.
Let hot air and steam escape before looking or
reaching inside.
Do not operate the dishwasher without the door
completely closed and the toe kick panel in place.
Do not store or use combustible materials, liquids, or
gases near this or any other appliance.
Clean only those parts of the dishwasher listed in
this manual. Clean them only in the manner
Use only the cleaning solutions specified in this
manual to clean the dishwasher. Other cleaning
solutions could produce dangerous fumes, cause
corrosion of the metal parts, and could permanently
damage the finishes.
Use only detergents and rinse aids designed for use
with a residential dishwasher.
Store all detergents and rinse aids out of the reach
of children.