Dacor DDW24S Dishwasher User Manual

Before You Call for Service
Problem May Be Caused By What to Do
Spray arms do not rotate
Make sure that both spray arms rotate freely. Make
sure that items do not obstruct movement of spray
arms. If necessary, clear any obstructions.
Make sure holes in spray arms are not blocked. If
necessary, clear holes with a pointed object and rinse
under water.
Strainer blocked Check strainer. Clean if necessary.
Etching Washing at too high a temperature and/or using too
much detergent can cause etching on (crystal) glass
(a permanent condition). To prevent damage, wash
(crystal) glass at “normal” temperature and dispense
dishwasher detergent according to page 8.
Marks, discoloration or
other stains
Aluminum utensils
rubbing against items
during wash cycle
Be sure aluminum utensils, especially light weight, foil-
type pans, do not touch dishes.
Lipstick and tea can be
Change to a dishwashing detergent with bleach.
Yellow or brown marks Iron or manganese in
To remove spots, use a non-abrasive cleaner.
Temporary solution:
Pour a teaspoon to tablespoon of citric acid crystals
in place of the pre-wash detergent in the detergent
dispenser. Follow this pre-wash with a full detergent
wash. Use the Heavy Wash cycle.
Permanent solution: Install an iron removal system in
the water supply.
Washing copper with
sterling silver
copper utensils in the same load. Silver polish will
usually remove this type of stain.
Tea or coffee (tannic acid)
Remove tea or coffee stains by hand using a solution
of ½ cup bleach and three cups warm water. Do not
use on sterling silver or silver plate.
Discoloration of stainless
steel, silver plate
Allowing salty or acidic
foods to remain on
washing or run Rinse and Hold cycle.
Silver contacting stainless
steel or aluminum
same silverware basket compartment. Direct contact
to stainless steel can cause permanent damage to
Distortion of plastics Plastic item not
dishwasher safe
Do not wash plastic items in dishwasher that are not
“dishwasher safe.”
Marks on melamine and
Porous material Use a special cleaner for plastic.