Dacor DDWF24S Dishwasher User Manual

Operating Your Dishwasher
Starting Your Dishwasher
If the dishwasher drain line is connected to
a garbage disposal, run the disposal before
operating the dishwasher for proper drainage.
Open the door and push in on the 1.
main power switch on the top of the
door so that it is in the on position.
The control panel on the front of the
dishwasher is lit when the switch is on.
Close the door. Push in gently on the top of the 2.
door until it clicks shut.
Push the 3. PROGRAM button repeatedly until the
indicator for the desired wash cycle is lit. See the
facing page for a description of the various wash
If you want to change the temperature 4.
setting, push the TEMPERATURE
button repeatedly to toggle between
the “normal” setting and the “economy”
setting. The temperature setting indicator is lit
when the temperature is set to normal. See the
facing page for a description of the temperature
Push the 5. START/STOP button.
The indicators around the START/STOP
button gradually light up as the cycle
progresses. When the cycle finishes, all the
indicators are lit. They turn off automatically
after two hours.
If power to the dishwasher is switched off at
the main power switch or there is a power
outage before the wash cycle is complete,
the selected cycle will continue when the
power comes back on. However, if power
is interrupted or the door is opened during
drying, the cycle will end.
In hard water areas, both the dishes and the
machine can develop a white or gray film after
a while. This can be removed by replacing the
pre-wash detergent with two tablespoons of
citric acid.
Standby Mode
Once the cycle is nished, the dishwasher draws a
very small amount of power. Open the door and push
the main power switch to turn power off completely.
Stopping Your Dishwasher During
Push the START/STOP button for three seconds.
The dishwasher will stop operating.
Control Panel on Front of Door
Program button
Temperature button
Temperature setting indicator
Rinse and Hold indicator
Normal Wash indicator
Heavy Wash indicator
Quick Wash indicator