Dacor DDWF24S Dishwasher User Manual

Before You Call for Service
Problem Solution Guide
Before you call for service, please review the Problem Solution Guide below.
Problem May Be Caused By What to Do
Dishwasher will not start
(control panel is not lit)
Main power switch is off Open door and turn on main power switch on top
of door before selecting cycle. See page 10.
Power is disconnected Make sure power is on at the circuit breaker panel
and that the power plug is properly connected to
electrical outlet (if applicable).
Blown fuse or tripped circuit
Replace fuse or reset circuit breaker. Remove
other appliances from circuit.
Power failure Contact electric company.
Dishwasher will not start
(control panel is lit)
Door not completely closed Gently push in on front of door until you hear a
Controls not set Make sure dishwasher controls are properly set
and door is closed. See Page 10.
No water supply Make sure water valve is turned on.
Water supply line blocked Make sure water supply line to dishwasher is not
Drain pump clogged (a loud
buzzing sound is heard)
Disconnect power and clean entire lter system
and drain pump. See page 13. Reconnect power
and attempt to restart. If problem persists, shut off
the water supply, disconnect power and call for
Dishwasher has detected a
fault condition (the Normal
Wash light blinks, dishwasher
does not start)
Call for service.
Unusual noise Improper loading Utensils may not be secure or something small
may have dropped from the rack. Water may
cause utensils to rattle. Make sure dishware is
Spray arms not rotating
Make sure that both spray arms rotate freely. Make
sure that items do not obstruct movement of spray
arms. If necessary, clear any obstructions.
Make sure holes in spray arms are not blocked. If
necessary, clean spray arms. See page 15.
Drain pump makes droning
sound that can be heard from
outside dishwasher and does
not stop when main power
switch is turned off
Turn off water valve, disconnect power and call for
Rack guides may make noise
if the dishwasher is brand new
Allow a week of use for rack guides to settle into