Dacor EDWH24S Dishwasher User Manual

Loading Your Dishwasher
Bottom Rack
Top Rack
Place glasses, cups, bowls, small plates and
saucers in the top rack. Hang wine glasses from
the wine glass shelf or lean them against it.
Place long knives in the knife stand.
Scrape off leftover food items and non-food
items, like toothpicks and napkins, before
loading. It is not necessary to rinse the dishes
under running water.
Do not stack dishes, glasses or pots and pans.
Stacking will prevent water from getting to soiled
Load all items so that the open ends face down
as much as possible. Load items that are not
completely face down so that the open end is
toward the center of the rack. Good drainage
provides the best drying. It is not necessary to
rinse items before loading them.
Place dinner plates, side plates, serving dishes
and saucepans on the bottom rack.
Load crystal and glass so that it does not knock
together during the wash cycle. Use the lowest
wash temperature and shortest wash cycle
possible. Do not heat dry crystal.
To minimize noise, do not allow pots and pans to
touch. Also keep large items from touching the
sides of your dishwasher.