Electrolux 400059 Dishwasher User Manual

Electrolux Dishwashing
Undercounter Dishwashers
The Electrolux Dishwashing range is produced for the customer with highest conceivable demands for good
efficiency, economy and ergonomics for dishwashing operation. The product range comprises of
glasswashers, undercounter dishwashers, hood type dishwashers, rack type dishwashers, flight type
dishwashers and pot and pan washers. The undercounter dishwashers are available with or without drain
pump, one phase or three phase electric connection and have a capacity of 30 baskets per hour.
Pressure boiler guarantees rinse
quality by providing rinsing water
at a temperature superior to
82,5°C (water is supplied at 2 bars
and at 50°C).
4 second (variable) pause after
washing and before rinsing
ensures that no drops of unclean
water will fall on the clean items at
the end of the rinsing cycle.
Two washing cycles: 1st cycle of
120 seconds for normally soiled
items and 2nd cycle of 180
seconds one for heavily soiled
Washing system with endowed
rotating washing arms, high power
wash pump, large capacity boiler
and tank volume, all together
designed for professional washing
with high performance.
All the machines have smooth
surfaces to facilitate cleaning.
• The fully automatic self-cleaning
cycle avoids the risk of bacteria
Front and side panels, door and
wash tank made in heavy duty
anti-corrosive AISI 304 stainless
steel to guarantee appliance
304L stainless steel boiler with
high welding protection increases
the resistance against corrosion
with chlorinated water.
Wash/rinse arms easy to remove.
PVC water supply hose with
metal connections resistant to high
water pressure.
Completely closed on the
reverse by a cover plate while
IPX4 water protection prevents
external infiltrations.
Simple control panel with digital
display allows on-site
personalization of washing and
rinsing cycle times and
temperatures as well as precise
rinse aid and detergent quantities
depending on the customers
Simple service from the front.