Electrolux 601837 Food Saver User Manual

Spin dryers
EL 40
The EL40 is a vegetable dryer with
two automatic cycles designed for
use in small size kitchens and
restaurants. The drying quality
ensures that hygiene is respected
and that the vegetables are kept at
their best up until being served.
The drying also limits the need for
seasoning leafy vegetables and
guarantees that they will keep their
full flavour.
V Ideal for drying lettuce, spinach,
parsley, swiss chard and cabbage.
V Body in stainless steel and basket in
high quality resin.
V Two cycles: "automatic" which
alternates rotation with several sudden
stops (for all vegetables); "manual"
thanks to the adjustable timer up to 59
minutes (for delicate vegetables).
V Very short drying time (1 to 2
V The rotation speed (470 rpm) has
been designed to dry fragile leaves
without crushing them.
V Flat control panel allows the dryer to
be cleaned even with a jet of water.
V The remaining water is eliminated
through an outlet pipe (diameter 24 - 36
V Basket capacity: 32 litres.