Electrolux AOS102GAP1 Microwave Oven User Manual

Approval: ___________________________________________
Gas Combi Oven 102
267553 (AOS102GAP1) Gas Combi Oven 102
120 V/1p/60Hz - 9A
Item No. ___________________________________
Unit to be Electrolux air-o-steam
Combi Oven AOS102G.
The air-o-steam
features three cooking modes – Steam (77 °F-266 °F), Hot convected air
(77 °F-572 °F) and Combi-mode (77 °F-482 °F). Each cooking mode operates
under lambda-sensor driven air-o-clima: automatic and constant real humidity
control. 6-point multi-sensor for core temperature controlled cooking cycles.
Pre-programmed Low Temperature Cooking cycle (LTC) and programmable memory
(up to 100, 7-step programs available), 20 factory pre-set cooking programs
included. Large LED display for both set and actual values of humidity and
temperature in cooking chamber during cooking. All 304 stainless-steel
construction, seamless hygienic cooking chamber with all rounded corners.
Double thermo-glazed door with open frame construction for cool outside door
panel. Halogen cooking chamber lighting. IPX-5 (NEMA 4) spray water
protection certification. Retractable spray hose included as standard.
air-o-clean, automatic and built-in self-cleaning system.
EKIS, pc-controlled HACCP monitoring software package available at
additional cost.
Half day chef training included.
Covered by Electrolux Platinum Star® Service Program two-year parts
and one-year labor warranty, installation start-up and performance check-
up after one year from installation.
Short Form Specification
Electrolux Professional, Inc.
3225 SW 42nd Street, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, 33312 • Telephone Number: 866-449-4200 • Fax Number: 954-327-6789
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Gas Combi Oven 102
Main features
Dry, hot convection cycle (77 °F to 572 °F): ideal for low humidity baking.
Low temperature steam cycle (77 °F to 211 °F): ideal for
sous-vide (vacuum packed) re-thermalization and delicate cooking.
Steam cycle (212 °F): seafood and vegetables.
High temperature steam (213 °F to 266 °F).
Combination cycle (77 °F to 482 °F): combining convected heat
and steam to obtain humidity controlled cooking environment, accelerating the
cooking process and reducing weight loss.
Pre-programmed re-thermalization cycles for banqueting applications.
air-o-clima: lambda sensor controlled automatic humidity adjustment of
cooking environment (PATENT).
6-point multi-sensor core temperature probe.
Pre-programmed Low Temperature Cooking cycle (LTC): minimizes weight loss,
maximizes food quality for large pieces of meat (PATENT).
Cook&Hold cycle.
Variable fan speed. Radial fan.
Reduced power cycle.
20 pre-set cooking programs in memory for most popular cooking items.
100 program locations in on-board memory, up to 7 cooking steps each.
air-o-clean: built-in and automatic self-cleaning system.
Electrolux Platinum Star® Service package included:
2-year parts, 1-year labor warranty.
Start-up install check.
Equipment check-up after 12 month from installation.
Half day chef training session.
High efficiency and low emissions burners.
IPX 5 splash water protection certification for easy cleaning.
All 304 stainless steel construction.
Seamless hygienic cooking chamber with all rounded corners for easy cleaning.
Double thermo-glazed door with open frame construction, for cool outside door panel.
Swing hinged easy-release inner glass on door for easy cleaning.
Swing hinged front panel for easy service access to main components.
Integrated spray hose included.
Included Accessories
10 304 stainless steel grids PNC 922076
Optional Accessories
1 rack cassette (10 racks) PNC 922043
Open base stand PNC 922063
Trolley for rack cassette PNC 922042
Increased pitch rack cassette (8 racks) PNC 922045
Roll-in rack support PNC 922047
51 plate rack PNC 922052
Thermal blanket for banqueting rack PNC 922048
Pair of chicken racks (8 chickens per rack) PNC 922036
Non-stick universal pans PNC 922090-2
Combi oven grill PNC 922093
4 castors (2 with brake) PNC 922057
Fat filters PNC 922178
Frying griddle PNC 922215
Stacking kit 61 on top of 61 or 102 gas PNC 922222
Pair of frying baskets PNC 922239
Heat shield for 102 PNC 922252
Stacking kit 62 on top of 62 or 102 gas PNC 922268
Gas Combi Oven 102
* Base not included
Frying griddle PNC 922215