Electrolux CSV25C Food Saver User Manual

Vacuum Packers
The new range of appliances developed
for the vacuum packing of cooked and
raw foods, can provide the highest quality
and hygiene in line with every professional
kitchen that requires the best
conservation standards. The range is
designed to satisfy the requirements of
users at all levels from small/medium
sized restaurants, caterings of 100 to 400
covers a day, speciality food
manufacturers and large butchers.
V Free-standing appliance.
V Digital control panel that allows the
programming and storing of operating
programs, guaranteeing optimized
vacuum pressure and heat seal times
for any type of product.
V 2 sealing bars.
V Microprocessor control guarantees
that the appropriate percentage of
negative pressure is reached by
automatically calculating the vacuum
pump operation time, shut-off time and
heat seal time.
V Maximum reliability thanks to a
warning light that indicates any
malfunctioning in the vacuum packing
process and stopping it before the
products are heat sealed, thus allowing
them to be reused.