Estate TUD4700 Dishwasher User Manual

Loading Silverware Basket
Load the silverware basket while it is in the bottom rack or take
the basket out for loading on a counter or table.
NOTE: Unload or remove the basket before unloading the racks
to avoid spilling water droplets onto the silverware.
Mix items in each section of the basket with some pointing up
and some down to avoid nesting. Spray cannot reach nested
IMPORTANT: Always load items (knives, skewers, etc.) pointing
Do not load silver or silver-plated silverware with stainless
steel. These metals can be damaged by contact with each
other during washing.
Some foods (such as salt, vinegar, milk products, fruit juices,
etc.) can pit or corrode silverware. Run a rinse cycle if you do
not have a full load to wash immediately.
Detergent Dispenser
The detergent dispenser has 2 sections. The Pre-Wash section
empties detergent into the dishwasher when you close the door.
The larger Main Wash section automatically empties detergent
into the dishwasher during the main wash. (See the Cycle
Selection Charts.)
Use automatic dishwashing detergent only. Other detergents
can produce excessive suds that can overflow out of the
dishwasher and reduce washing performance.
Add detergent just before starting a cycle.
Store tightly closed detergent in a cool, dry place. Fresh
automatic dishwasher detergent results in better cleaning.
NOTE: Do not use detergent if you have selected a rinse cycle.
Filling the dispenser
1. If the dispenser cover is closed, open the cover by pushing
the cover latch.
2. Fill the Main Wash section with detergent. See How much
detergent to use.
3. Fill the Pre-Wash section if needed. (See Cycle Selection
4. Close the dispenser cover.
The cover will open during the cycle to dispense the detergent.
How much detergent to use
The amount of detergent to use depends on the hardness of
your water and the type of detergent. If you use too little,
dishes wont be clean. If you use too much in soft water,
glassware will etch.
Water hardness can change over a period of time. Find out
your waters hardness by asking your local water department,
water softener company, or county extension agent.
B.Main Wash section
C.Cover latch
D.Pre-Wash section
Where to fill
Top of 3rd step (9 tsp or 45 mL)
Top of 2nd step (6 tsp or 30 mL)
Top of 1st step (3 tsp or 15 mL)