Fisher & Paykel DishDrawer Dishwasher User Manual

Installation Checklist
Your installer MUST have completed and checked the following:
The is square and level.
The is fastened securely to the cabinetry.
Ensure moisture protection tape has been applied and the
cabinet is sealed according to the Installation Instructions.
The opens and closes freely. The
must be free to close completely with no
resistance from cabinetry.
For the integrated models, check the 8mm air gap has been
achieved in the correct place.
The power supply is connected and switched on.
The inlet water hose is connected and turned on. There
should be no leaks.
The drain hose(s) are connected and there are no leaks.
There must be no kinks, or obstructions in the drain hose(s).
The spray arm is in the center and can freely rotate.
The rinse program has been run.
The water level will be below the stainless steel filter plate
at the end of the wash program. It is normal to find
some water in the drain filter area.
Set the water softener to the correct water hardness for
your area
(DD603H and DS603H models only).
The installer is responsible for the
installation. Incorrect installation is not covered by warranty.