Frigidaire FFC16M5QW Freezer User Manual
More Easy-To-Use Features
Signature Features
Product Dimensions
Place and centre
image here.
Manual Defrost
16 Cu. Ft. Chest
Lock with Pop-Out Key
The freezer key automatically ejects after
locking the door so you won’t leave it in
the door.
Power-On Indicator Light
Know at a glance that your freezer
is working.
Bright LED Lighting
Our bright LED lighting makes it easy to
see what’s inside.
Colour-Coordinated Handle
Defrost Water Drain
Use the drain to conveniently remove
water during defrosting.
Adjustable Temperature Control
Select the correct temperature for your
Available in:
Height (Including Lid) 34-3/8"
Width 55-3/4"
Depth 29-1/2"
Sliding Plastic Basket with
Colour-Coordinated Clips
Take organization to the next level with
our heavy-duty sliding plastic basket
with colour-coordinated clips that snap-
on and can be used to organize items by
categories or purchase date so items are
much easier to find.