GE ZGU366NPSS Cooktop User Manual

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Specification Created 7/08
Dimensions and Installation Information
Professional rangetops offer a number of choices in size
and rangetop configurations.
Product Dimensions and Clearance
A 36"- or 42"-wide professional vent hood with a minimum
600 CFM is recommended for installation over this rangetop.
* The opening between a 4" high backsplash must be 36" to
allow the rangetop to slide back against the wall.
WARNING: Installations without a hood require 48" mini-
mum to combustibles above the rangetop. A custom hood
installation with exposed horizontal combustible surfaces
must have an "auto-on" feature. Refer to hood installation
instructions for specific hood clearances. The surface of the
entire back wall above the countertop and below the hood
must be covered with a non-combustible material such as
metal, ceramic tile, brick, marble or other stone.
Clearances between rangetop and side wall or combustible material must
be at least 12" on each side.
Allow 8" free space below the top surface of countertop.
Allow additional clearances below the burner box to install
the regulator and make house gas supply connections.
Use a 90° elbow to route the gas connections and limit
interference with drawers or other cabinetry.
Controll panel projects forward
from standard depth cabinets.
Front of deep cabinets can align
with control panel beveled edge.
ZGU366NPSS (Natural Gas)
ZGU366LPSS (Liquid Propane)
GE Monogram
36" Professional Gas Rangetop with 6 Burners