GE ZSCIO00 Oven User Manual

OveI_ FeA[HFeS
4<Ivan:lure Oven
The turntable must always be in
place, on the oven floor, for a]]
cooking. Be sure file turntable is
seated securely over the spindle
in the center of the oven.
Non-stick Metal 7:ray
Put food directly on the non-stick
metal tray and place on the turntable
when using the speedcook and bake
Upper Halogen Lamp/Ceramic Heater
Operates when using speedcook or
!/l:i)_ Oven Rack and Aluminum
Baking Sheet
Put food directly on the aluminum
baking sheet on the wire oxen rack,
and place them on the non-stick
metal tray, when baking on two levels,
broiling or toasting foods.
Clear Glass 7)'ay
Place on the turntable when using
the microwaxe features. Place food or
microwme-safe cookware directly on
the tray.
Allows cooking to be xiewed while
keeping microwmes confined in
the oxen,
Door Handle
Pull to open the door. The door
must be securely latched for the
oven to operate.
Door Latches
Lower Ceramic Heater
Operates when using speedcook.
Control Panel
The pads used to operate the oxen
are located on the control panel.
Rear Convection Heat Element
Operates when using bake.