GE ZSCIO00 Oven User Manual

_/se thLs
Problem Possible Causes What To Do/Exphnation
Light during a This is I3um_al. * This is num_al. The oven senses the
speedcook cycle Puwer level has been heat leve! a33d adjusts automatically.
dims and cycles on automaticalN 3educed
and off_ even at fur because the c_ve33is hut.
power levels
Light visible around This is 33<wmal. * When the oven is on, light may
the door and outer be visible a3om3d the doo3 a*3d
case while outer case.
Fan continues to run The uve*3 is cooli*3g. * The fhn will autumaticallv shut off
after cooking stops when the inter,3al pa3ts c_fthe uve,3
have cooled.
Oven vent emi_ warm This is 33cwmal.
air while oven is on
Fan comes on This is ,3urinal.
using the microwave
The oven makes Clicks and liras bluwi33g * These sum3ds are ,3rereal.
unusual sounds are normal. The relay
while cooking bua_d is tun3ing the "
cumpunems cm and off.
Smoke comes out Food is high in fi_t * Smoke is nu3mal when cooking
of the oven when content. Ae3usul sp3 W high-fi_t fbods.
I open the door used cm the pans.
Food is not fuR), P3ug3ammed times * Inc3ease or deciease time fbr
cooked or browned may nut match the size done33ess cw at!just the uppe3 u3
at the end of a c. im_uunt of loud you lowe3 lamps fbr b3uwning and
cooking program axe couking, doneness.
displayed along with
an oven signal
Food amount u3 type
placed in the oven does
,_ot match the wogmm
that v, as set.
* P3ess the CLEAR/OFF pad. Set the
oven program to match the loud or
liquid to be cooked oi heated.
Steam was ,3ut sensed by
the uve,3 because plasti(
wrap was not vented, a lid
too tight was on the dish
o3 a liquid was cove3ed.
* Ve33t plasti< wrap, use a louse3 lid
u_ m3co_er liquids whe33 cooki*3g o3"