GE Monogram ZIFP360NX Freezer User Manual

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Specification Created 6/08
Listed by
GE Monogram
36" Built-In Professional All-Freezer
Dimensions and Installation Information
ZIFP360NXRH, Freezer
Handle on the left side, the door swings left to right.
ZIFP360NXLH, Freezer
Handle on the right side, the door swings right to left.
*Shipping height. The freezer can be adjusted to fit into
a cutout 83-1/2" min. to 84-1/2" max. height. Note: the
top case trim at the front is 1/2" higher and will overlap
upper cabinetry or soffit. Use leveling legs and wheels for a
maximum 1" height adjustment.
The water and electrical supply must be located as shown.
The finished cutout width must be 35-1/2".
Note: The case trim overlaps cabinets at the top and
sides. Frameless cabinets may require filler strips to
prevent interference with cabinet door swing. The opening
width must allow for filler strips.
36" Frame to
Frame Width
*84" From
Floor to
Top Frame
Case Width
25-3/4" Stainless Steel Models
Case Depth
Depth Including Handles:
27-3/4" Stainless Steel Models
28-11/16" Professional Models
Product Clearances
These units are equipped with a 2-position door stop. The fac-
tory set 130˚ door swing can be adjusted to 90˚ if clearance
to adjacent cabinets or walls is restricted. Order WX14X99
door stop for precise settings between 90˚and 130˚.
to Wall
130ϒ Door Swing
Behind Frame
5" Min.
to Wall
90ϒ Door Swing
Allow 25" minimum clearance for a full 130˚ door swing.
Allow 15" for pan removal. for a 90˚ door swing, allow 5"
minimum clearance for professional models. If the 90˚
doorstop position is used, pan access is maintained but
pan removal is restricted.
These units are top-heavy and must be secured to prevent the
possibility of tipping forward. Anti-Tip protection is required.