Hamilton Beach 840049600 Coffeemaker User Manual

Do not use a cracked carafe or a carafe having a loose or
weakened handle.
This carafe is designed to be used only on the Keep-Hot plate of
your coffeemaker. Do not use on a gas or electric rangetop, or in a
microwave or conventional oven.
To avoid breakage, handle carafe with care. Avoid impact. Glass will
break as a result of impact. Use care when filling with water to
avoid hitting faucet.
Do not place hot carafe on cool or wet surface. Allow to cool before
washing or adding liquids.
Do not set empty carafe on a hot heating surface.
Do not clean with steel wool pads, abrasive cleanser or any other
materials that may scratch.
Do not place hands inside carafe. When handling, be careful if
wearing any hand jewelry, especially diamond rings. Jewelry can
scratch the glass, which increases possibility of breakage.
Do not bump, scratch, or boil dry.
Discard carafe if it is cracked, scratched, or heated while empty for
an extended period of time.
To avoid accidents, do not pour in the direction of people.
If stirring in the carafe, use only wooden, plastic, or rubber utensils.
Do not use metal utensils.
Follow the above safety precautions carefully to avoid serious burn
injuries which may result if breakage occurs while carafe holds
heated liquids.
This symbol reminds you that glass is fragile and can
break which could result in personal injury.
This symbol alerts you to the potential danger for personal
injury if you fail to read and follow these safety precautions.
Permanent Filter
The Permanent Filter takes the place of disposable paper filters.
Simply place the Permanent Filter in the filter basket. Please
rinse the Permanent Filter in hot water before first use. Clean
Permanent Filter under hot running water and let dry.
Permanent Filter can be placed in top rack of automatic
Brew Strength Selector
This feature allows you to control the strength/flavor of the
coffee. You may select from mild to robust flavor.
NOTE: Depending on your model, the brew strength selector
may appear as Style 1 or Style 2.
Style 1
Style 2
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