Hamilton Beach Hamilton Beach HomeBaker Breadmaker Bread Maker User Manual

Place kneading paddle on
shaft, with arrow pointing
up, pushing down as far as
it will go, making sure flat
surfaces are lined up.
Quick-Start Guide
BEFORE FIRST USE: Wash and dry bread pan and kneading paddle.
NOTE: Do not use metal utensils in bread pan since they may damage the
nonstick surface.
CAUTION! Falling Object Hazard. Breadmaker can wobble and walk during
kneading cycle. Always position it in the center of the counter away from
the edge.
Carefully measure and add ingredients to the bread pan in
the EXACT order given in the recipe.
TIP: Premeasure all ingredients, including add-ins (nuts,
raisins), prior to beginning.
LAST: Yeast. MUST be separate
from wet ingredients
SECOND: Dry ingredients (sugar,
salt, shortening, flour)
FIRST: Liquid ingredients – room
Place bread pan in the
breadmaker, turning clockwise
until it locks into place. Close
NOTE: Bread pan must lock
into place for proper mixing
and kneading.
See “Detailed Instructions” section for additional information.
Add Ingredients
Select Cycle
Press CYCLE button until desired
program number appears on the digital
To program a Delayed Start, use the
DELAY TIMER + or – buttons to add up
to 12 hours before Cycle will start. Refer
to page 10 for additional information.
Press CRUST and LOAF SIZE buttons to
ADJUST to desired setting (not adjustable
in some cycles).
Start Making Bread
Press START/STOP. The digital display
will show the time remaining in the cycle.
Once complete, breadmaker will beep
and begin Keep Warm cycle for up to
1 hour.
Press START/STOP button for 2 seconds
to cancel the Keep Warm cycle and turn
off breadmaker.
Add-ins: After the second kneading cycle,
10 beeps will signal you to add fruit, nuts,
Using oven mitts, turn counterclockwise to unlock the bread pan,
and pull bread pan straight up. Still using oven mitts, shake loaf
from pan and let cool for 10 minutes.
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