Hamilton Beach Hamilton Beach HomeBaker Breadmaker Bread Maker User Manual

Program Cycles
For white and mixed breads consisting mainly of basic
bread flour.
For light breads made from fine flour. Normally, the bread
is fluffy and has a crispy crust. This is not a suitable setting
for recipes requiring butter, margarine, or milk.
For gluten-free breads and mixes.
For quick-bread recipes that do not use yeast for rising and
instead may use baking powder or soda. Kneading, rising,
and baking loaf within a time less than for basic bread.
For breads with additives such as fruit juices, grated
coconut, raisins, dry fruits, chocolate, or added sugar.
Due to a longer phase of rising, the bread will be light and
1.5 lb. Express
Kneading, rising, and baking a 1.5-lb. loaf occurs in
58 minutes using a quick-rising yeast. Loaf will be smaller
and rougher than that made with the Basic cycle.
2.0 lb. Express
Same as 1.5 lb. Express, but yields a 2-lb. loaf.
This cycle prepares the yeast dough for buns, pizza crust,
etc., to be baked in a conventional oven. There is no baking
in this cycle.
For making jams with fresh fruit.
Kneading, rising, and baking occurs, but with the aid of soda
or baking powder.
Whole Grain
For breads with heavy varieties of flour that require a longer
phase of kneading and rising (whole wheat flour, rye flour).
Bread will be more compact and heavy.
When additional baking of breads is needed because a loaf
is too light or not baked through. There is no kneading or
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