Henny Penny CSL-6 Electric Steamer User Manual

Sure Chef
Combi-Steamer models CSL-6/10/1020/20/40
1 ON/OFF switch
2 ON indicator light (green)
3Message display
NO WATER warning–check water supply
• Displays steam exhaust flap position
• Displays SDHC humidity level
Cooking mode selection key (lighted display indicates the selected mode)
4 STEAM mode–86°F to 266°F (30°C to 130°C)
•Normal steaming, pre-set at 212°F (100°C)
Tender Steaming 86°F to 212°F (30°C to 100°C)
Forced steaming, 213°F to 266°F (101°C to 130°C)
Light ring around Steam key flashes when cabinet temperature exceeds
pre-selected temperature by 20°F (10°C)
5 COMBINATION mode–86°F to 575°F (30°C to 300°C)
Pre-set to 320°F (160°C) and 100% SDHC
Control humidity with SDHC function (7)
Rethermalize in this mode
6 CONVECTION mode–86°F to 575°F (30°C to 300°C)
Pre-set to 320°F (160°C) and 100% SDHC
Reduce humidity with SDHC function (7)
7 SDHC Smart Digital Humidity Control
Six possible moisture levels from 100% to 0%
Control humidity in Combination mode
Reduce humidity (from cooking product) in Convection mode
Press to indicate temperature selection. Adjust and select with SELECT arrow keys (16)
Press and hold to display actual cabinet temperature
Key lights up during preheating
9 Interior cabinet temperature display
10 TIMER activation key
Press to activate cook time. Adjust and select with SELECT arrow keys (16)
11 COOKING TIME display
Selected time (0 to 24 hr) displayed with period between hours and minutes. When
timer selection is activated, period flashes. Actual cooking time remaining is displayed
with flashing colon between hours and minutes.
12 PROBE COOKING activation key
Press to activate Probe Cooking function. Adjust and select food internal “done”
temperature range from 68°F to 210°F (20°C to 99°C) using SELECT arrow keys (16).
Upon reaching “done” temperature, audio signal sounds and unit shuts off automatically
13 Actual food probe temperature display
14 Pre-selected “done” temperature display
15 Continuous Run key
16 SELECT arrow keys for temperature, time and food probe temperature
17 PROGRAM activation key
Press to enter programming function and display program number
18 Program number (1 to 98 for cooking programs, plus number 99 pre-programmed for cleaning)
19 Program stage (1 to 9 intervals)
20 Program START key
21 Program SELECT arrow keys
22 SPECIAL FUNCTIONS activation key (press to display)
Four-second burst of steam in Convection mode between 250°F (120°C) and 480°F (250°C)
Fan runs ON 10 seconds, OFF 110 seconds
Fan continues to operate when door is open, reducing cabinet temperature rapidly
27 DELTA-T Cooking
29 Unit serial number
Please refer to this number when requesting service
Control Panel Functions
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