Henny Penny GSC-220 Electric Steamer User Manual

GSC-220 gas
Standard Features
Patented Advanced Steam
Technology for effective steam
generation without boilers.
ClimaSelect climate control allows
the selection of humidity levels
between 0% and 100% relative
humidity. ClimaMonitor feature
measures and maintains selected
level automatically.
Digital control panel features easy-
to-read LED displays and icons.
Operators can choose automatic
cooking from pre-programmed
menu items or select and input
cooking parameters manually.
Simple CombiDial control—rotate
to select, push to confirm and start.
Temperatures can be displayed in
either °F or °C. Operations and
service diagnostics programs offer
a choice of languages.
Auto-reverse fan for fast, even
cooking throughout the cabinet.
WaveClean™ self-cleaning system
significantly reduces water and
detergent consumption.
Filterless grease extraction.
Rethermalizing and plated banquet
system utilizes specific settings
including fan speed function for
easy, high quality banquet cooking.
easy, quick rinsing.
Seamless interior cabinet of
corrosion-resistant chrome nickel
steel. Exterior made from 1 mm
chrome nickel stainless steel.
Full seal door with triple-pane glass.
Roll-in oven cart.
Auto-retractable hose shower for
Options, accessories
Two-stage safety door lock
Alternative voltages
Chicken grids
Marine version
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Electric and gas
General Information
Henny Penny SmartCombi combi
ovens use moist heat and dry heat,
either separately or in combination,
to produce the ideal cooking
conditions for a wide variety of foods.
Four basic cooking modes employ
a variety of built-in functions in
different ways.
Steaming/Moist heat:
86-266°F (30-130°C)
Low and high-temperature
Convection cooking/Dry heat:
Electric: 86-572°F (30-300°C)
Gas: 86-482°F (30-250°C)
Active humidity reduction
Combination/Dry and moist heat:
86-482°F (30-250°C).
Individual or automatic humidity
control between 0 and 100% RH.
Rethermalizing/Dry and moist heat:
86-356°F (30-180°C)
Special fan speed function and
banqueting programs.
Henny Penny bridges the gap
between boiler and boilerless combis
with patented Advanced Steam
Technology.™ This system
introduces large amounts of steam
into the cooking cabinet quickly
without the deliming and maintenance
issues of a boiler.
Operator can select humidity levels
from 0-100% relative humidity. Digital
humidity control continuously
measures the humidity level in the
cabinet and maintains the selected
level by automatically adding steam
or venting excess humidity. The
SmartCombi is fully programmable
and includes a wide range of pre-
programmed menu selections for fully
automated cooking.
Units include a multi-sensor core
temperature probe for automatic
probe cooking.
SmartCombi model ESC-220
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PO Box 60 Eaton OH 45320 USA
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The ESC/GSC-220 has a capacity of (20)
full-size sheet pans on grids or (40) full-
size steam table pans, 2 ½ in. (65 mm).