Cornelius 430 Ice Maker User Manual

ED/DF300 30” CCM330/430/530/630/830/1030 Nordic Style Lid Kit Installation Instructions
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ED/DF300 30” CCM330/430/530/630/830/1030 NORDIC BLACK/GRAY
This Nordic style kit applies to the Cornelius 30” wide CCM330/430/530/630/830/1030 ice maker.
CAUTION: Disconnect electrical power to the dispenser before proceeding with the icemaker
adapter kit installation.
WARNING: The dispenser must be secured with 3/8-16 bolts (6) to the counter before installing
this Icemaker Adapter Kit. Refer to the installation manual and Figure 2 for the counter mounting
NOTE: Adjust the automatic agitation timer located in the dispenser’s electrical control box to 5
seconds on, 20 minutes off. Access to the timer is provided by removing the merchandiser/upper
front panel.
1. Unpack kit.
2. Remove the two (2) screws from each side of the dispenser cabinet and the plastic hopper covers
(2) that were shipped with the unit.
3. Place the Adapter lid on the unit and use the four (4) screws that were removed to fasten the lid in
4. Install the ice baffle on the lid assembly as shown in Figure 2.
IMPORTANT: The baffle prevents ice from over–filling the manual fill area during agitation/
dispensing with a full storage bin and forcing the manual fill cover off.
5. Seal the ice maker to the top of the dispenser after determining the correct location for the ice
maker (see Figure 1).
A. Run beads of RTV around the opening in the lid and inside of the perimeter of the ice maker
outline so that the ice maker will set on the RTV.
B. Set the ice maker onto the lid and position it as required.
C. Wipe away the excess RTV.
6. Drill .136 diameter holes into the ice maker cabinet and the dispenser lid using the ice maker
mounting brackets as templates. USE CAUTION SO AS NOT TO DRILL INTO ANY ICE MAKER
COMPONENTS (CONDENSER, TUBING, ETC.). Secure the brackets using the #10 sheet metal
screws provided.
Part No. Name Qty.
1 15209 Adapter Lid 1
2 22127 Bracket 2
3 50904 RTV 1
4 52946
Cover, Gray
Cover, Black
5 91957 Label 1
6 620042919 Baffle, Ice 1
7 70226 #10 x 3/4” Sheetmetal Screw 12
8 620701902 Acorn Nut, 8--32 Nylon 4
9 620701901 Sealing Washer 4
10 611701903 #8 Nylon Washer 4
11 15192 Lid Opening Cover (For 22–inch Wide
12 630500109 Bin Stat 1
Release Date: October 5, 2007 Revision: A