Cornelius 620030602 Ice Maker User Manual

June, 1998
Rev A
IMI CORNELIUS INC g One Cornelius Place g Anoka, MN 55303-6234
Telephone (800) 238-3600 Facsimile (612) 422-3246
K STYLE LID KIT, P/N 630000085
These K style kits apply to the following ice makers and are for use with ED/DF 150 dispensers:
Ice Maker Size
Wilshire WCC500/700 14 1/2
Table 1. Loose-Shipped Parts
No. Part No. Name Qty.
1 620030602 Lid Assembly, 1
2 15303 Bracket 1
3 50904 RTV, Clear, 732, 3 oz. Tube 1
4 70217 #8 Sheet Metal Screw 6
5 91957 Label, Disconnect Before Cleaning 1
6 70188 Thumb Screw #8-32 ¢ 1/2I 1
7 620911301 Installation Instruction 1
8 22127 Bracket, Mounting 1
9 620030601 Cover, RH Assembly 1
1. Set Ice maker lid on the top of the dispenser and position it flush with the back and sides of the dispenser.
2. Using the slotted holes in the lid as a template, drill four (4) .140I diameter holes at the bottom of the slots
(see detail A). Use extreme care not to drill into the hopper. Fasten the lid to the dispenser with four (4) #8
sheet metal screws, two on each side.
3. Seal the ice maker to the top of the dispenser as follows: (Flush with rear and left side)
A. Apply beads of RTV around the opening in the lid and inside the perimeter of the ice maker outline so
that the ice maker will set on the RTV.
B. Set the ice maker onto the lid and position it as required.
C. Wipe away any excess RTV.
4. Remove the left rear screw (only) installed in step 2. Use that screw to install the mounting bracket (item 2
and install Item 9 to rear of dispenser and ice maker. Drill 9/64I diameter holes into the ice maker cabinet
using the bracket as a template. Use extreme caution not to drill into any ice maker components (condens-
er, tubing, etc.). Secure the brackets using the screws provided.
5. Follow the ice maker manufacturers instruction to complete the installation of the ice maker including the
bin thermostat if so equipped or required.