Katadyn 160E Water Dispenser User Manual

KATADYN POWERSURVIVOR 160E* Katadyn’s top performing desalinator
Technology: Reverse osmosis
Salt Rejection: 98.4% on average (96% minimum.
The desalination degree depends on
different influence factors such as
pressure, throughput and the quality
of water)
Flow: Approx. 25.4 l/h +/15%
Weight: 16.8 kg
Dimensions: 44.5 x 34.3 x 15.7 cm (Pump)
64 L x 8,9 D (Membranehousing)
Current: 12 Volt DC / 18 amp
24 Volt DC / 12 amp
Guarantee: 3 years
Material: Stainless steel, plastics.
Membrane approved by the US FDA
(Food and Drug Administration)
Article No.: 8013421 (12 Volt)
8013422 (24 Volt)
* Earlier PUR PowerSurvivor
• Device for greatest convenience with unbeatable advantages (see benefits)
• Thanks to its high performance of almost 26 litres/hour, the 160E is also suitable for large boats and
• Compact and highly durable product which has been put to the test by, e.g., ocean sailors
• Available as 12V or 24V unit
• Makes boat owners independent of water stations on the coast
• Covers entire daily water requirement (drinking, showering, cleaning etc) of 12 people. By the way:
contrary to popular opinion, the water requirement is much less on board than on land
• 25.4 litres of water per hour > brings comfort on board and covers the entire daily
water requirement of 12 people
• High energy efficiency > low current consumption
• Not an oversized large system > fewer water standstill times, lower risk of germs
reforming + higher useful life of membrane than with large systems
• High running smoothness > does not disturb the idyll of being at sea
• Supply of drinking water independent of location > saves water reserves and
costs with a better water quality
• Very userfriendly design > simple to install, operate and maintain
• Does not require additional pump and no reverse cleaning systems
• Tough design > 3year guarantee
A desalinator which covers
all water requirements on
board in an elegant and
intelligent way. Ideal for
up to 12 people or larger
boats and yachts.