Kenmore 790.4107 Oven User Manual

Setting Oven Controls
Convection Roast
Convection roast combines a cool< cycle with the convection
fan and element to rapidly roast meats and poultry. Heated
air circulates around the meat from all sides, sealing in
juices and flavors. Meats cooked with this feature are crispy
brown on the outside while staying moist on the inside. In
addition, there is no need to reduce the oven temperature
when using convection roast.
Convection roast may be set with the following options:
° Cook time or cook time with delay start
The following temperature settings apply to convection
" Factory auto-start default: 350°F/177°C
° Minimum: 170°F / 77°C
° Maximum: 550°F / 288°C
Benefits of convection roast:
° Superior multiple oven rack performance.
° Some foods cool< up 25 to 30% faster, saving time and
° No special pans or bakeware required.
For besf resulfs
° Preheating is not necessary for most meats and poultry.
° Be sure to carefully follow your recipe's temperature and
time recommendations or refer to the convection roast
chart for additional information.
Do not cover foods when dry roasting - this will prevent
the meat from browning properly.
Since Conv Roast cooks food faster, reduce the cool< time
by 25% from the recommended cook time of your recipe
(check the food at this time). If necessary, increase cool<
time until the desired doneness is obtained.
See example below to set convection roast to start
immediately with the auto-suggest (default) setting:
If needed, use numeric keypads to enter a different oven
2. Press START
Once START is pressed the oven will begin heating.
You may press STOP any time when setting the control or
during the cooking process.
Roasting rack instructions
The broil pan, its insert and the roasting rack are available
via the mail order card. When preparing meats for
convection roasting, you may use the broiler pan, insert and
the roasting rack supplied with your appliance. The broiler
:an will catch grease spills and the insert will help prevent
grease splatters. The roasting rack fits on top of the insert
allowing the heated air to circulate under the food for even
cooking and helps to increase browning on the underside.
1. Place oven rack on bottom or next to the bottom oven
rack position.
2. Place the insert on the broiler pan.
3. Make sure the roasting rack issecurely seated on top of
the insert. Do not use the broiler pan without the insert.
Do nat cover the insert with aluminum foil.
4. Position food (fat side up) on the roasting rack. -Fig. 1-
5. Place prepared food on oven rack in the oven.
Standing rib roast 4 to 6 Ibs.
Rib eye roast 4 to 6 Ibs.
Tenderloin roast 2 to 3 Ibs.
Turkey, whole _ 12 to 16 Ibs.
Turkey, whole _ 16 to 20 Ibs.
Turkey, whole _ 20 to 24 Ibs.
Oven re,rip Infernalfemp Minute pc, lb.
350°F _ 25-30
350°F _ 25-30
400°F _ 15-25
325°F 180°F 8-10
325°F 180°F 10-15
325°F 180°F 12-16
350°F - 375°F 180°F 12-16
325°F 160°F 30-40
325°F 160°F 20-30
325°F 160°F 20-25
325°F 160°F 30-40
Chicken 3 to 4 Ibs.
Ham roast, fresh 4 to 6 Ibs.
Shoulder blade roast 4 to 6 Ibs.
Loin 3 to 4 Ibs.
Pre-cooked ham 5 to 7 Ibs.
For beef: med rare 145°F, med 160°F, well done 170°F
_ Stuffed turkey requires additional roasting time. Shield legs and breast with foil to prevent overbrowning and drying of the skin.