KitchenAid KRFC704FBS Refrigerator User Manual

Freezer Drawers
Small Items Bin (on some models)
This drawer divider is not removable and is for small, delicate
items. For storage flexibility, the drawer bin can move forward
and back, allowing you to store larger items in one section of
the freezer.
Pizza Pocket
Space at the front of the drawer allows vertical storage of
additional pizza boxes.
Third Tier
This shelf is not removable. To allow access, the third tier is able
to move backward, allowing access to items in the area below.
Ice Bin (on some models)
Ice storage for second ice maker.
Audio Reference
Tone Assignment
Tone Name Usage Examples
POWER ON Cooling system is turned on every time
the product is powered on.
POWER OFF Cooling system is turned off.
KEY PRESS User presses a valid button.
INVALID (ERROR) User presses 2 or more valid buttons at
the same time. Count-down interruption
for press-and-hold buttons. User presses
pad when dispensing is not allowed.
ENGAGE Acknowledgment of entry into any mode
or completion of dispensing.
DISENGAGE Acknowledgment of exit from any mode
ALERT Power Outage alert, Door Ajar alert
This table is for quick reference only. See corresponding sections
for details. In case of inconsistency, section details will prevail.
A. Pizza pocket
B. Third tier